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Simple Lightbox: WooCommerce Extension


Supercharge your WooCommerce shop with the power of Simple Lightbox!


  • Automatically enable Simple Lightbox in WooCommerce Product content areas without any manual coding required:
    • Product Image galleries.
    • Product Short Descriptions.
    • Product Full Descriptions.
  • Control grouping in each content area to create independent slideshows from each content area.
  • Full support for features added by other SLB extensions, such as the Video Extension 📺.

Easy as 1-2-3

  • Get the WooCommerce Extension.
  • Install & activate extension (instructions included).
    • 📔 Note: Extension is installed like any other WordPress plugin.
  • Done! Enjoy your automatically lightbox-enabled WooCommerce shop!


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Simple Lightbox Extension

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Simple Lightbox: WooCommerce Extension

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